27 October 2015

The Bunker: GeekyGnomeStudios

A couple maya bird once built a nest in a Calamondin tree. It was after a month or so that the nest was fully completed. A few weeks after they had laid their eggs and stayed there for a month. "How peaceful their life was," I said to myself. Everyday, I wake up and walk around the house and I can see the nest in the center of the thorny tree which is also a few steps from our front door. It was easy to reach. However, I didn't do that. I became more aware and respectful of the things around me especially living things. I don't know why. Like you and me they have their own troubles in life. As much as possible I don't want to be a cause of their demise. 

As a freelancer for ages now, I wanted to build my own nest. More likely a studio is what I had in mind. However, it is too overused and I wanted to have a different kind of feel of my own place. I will call it - the Bunker. The reason behind is simple. A bunker is something that protects, like a shelter. I envision it as a safe place where I keep my trusted companions and intellectual exchange of opinions and ideas will most likely happen. Where brewed coffee and tea are served. Where we experiment stuff with our devices, software, and tools. Where codes hit the canvas as we speak and every line has a story to tell. I am at the edge of my seat. I can't wait to share with the world the product that is yet to be made. A few years or less my plan will run on the command line. Need to go the extra mile!

Weeks gone by but the nest was quiet. I was curious why I haven't seen the couple hanging around and inside that bundle of dead leaves and branches. I was a bit concerned the passing children may have noticed and probably played around with the eggs. Beauty gone in a brink. It's a shame I can't do anything. 

However this will not be the case with our Bunker. Tubes of steel and concrete above and below ground with strength of a million times stronger than branches and leaves. Only this time, no eggs will be laid, but the product of our own imagination. I considered trusted friends to join me, as I always tell them this will be done and this will become awesome. I have so much in store for GeekyGnomeGames which will be GeekyGnomeStudios in the future. As I draft the plan, I have gathered enough ideas to ramp this up several years from now. To simply put it GeekyGnomeStudios will be a small indie-pendent (see what I did there?) app and game development company. The certain drive and motivation of my team is to "create" and not to compete. We don't care about other peoples app or game, we only wish them the same success! We want to put into action the things that inspires us and work the ideas we have set to do several years ago. We need x and y to dance around the window of any resolution of any screen. I do foresee that GeekyGnomeStudios will not only offer apps and games. We want to show off as well because I am definitely certain we can offer more than what big companies can. 

It will come to a point that you will have to be aggressive to live your dreams. I have always been confident in what I believe and never lived a day without thinking of what things I can do and offer to the world. That is because I have already been in hardest times and I know how disappointing it gets but somehow, the greater my passion becomes. This is why I am creating the "bunker" not only to shield myself, but also to put things into perspective. Slow and steady, but winning the race.

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