19 October 2015

Game Development: 5 important things to remember.

Maybe I should start with saying that getting into mobile game development is like baking a cake. You will either have a tasty treat or a devastating result, especially if you're a noob. Rather than to thoroughly define what is game development, I would simply say it's a creative way to create something that could entertain everyone with design and programming skills; or in my case - a way to challenge an artist's personal goal by creating a successful game. I can say there are those passionate ones who really create games and their codes are etched in their bones. Most of us, like myself do see the future of getting good money in your own creations, but that is honestly not my priority. But to have those perks in the long run is satisfying. Creating the best game and at the same time earning well is such a gratifying moment for a developer. Well I haven't been in that level yet, but sure enough soon is just around the corner. In that same context you would try to avoid creating shitty games, such as copied from another gameplay which I also did on purpose to experiment and I got my answer as well - a shitty result. Maybe those tricks had worked before but never again. The game industry is working like a woman's brain, trends change quickly before you know it.

I began creating mobile games with little knowledge of the industry. As a graphic artist I focus on the design aspects alone. However I do have a small programming background which I consider totally useless at this point. I know basic C++ and the game engine I am using uses C# or Java Script. Nonetheless, if you are devoted and confident you can create your own game and make it as your goal, you can do it! You just need to think out of the box. Like hiring people to work for you. In my case though, I have a bit of talent in designing, animating and conceptualizing a game. That deep experience is directly proportional to numbers in my bank account when I started GeekyGnomeGames. However since I really wanted to make my own game I managed to gather tools that I am familiar with. You know what I mean - buying all those software and to register an account with iTunes and GooglePlay plus buying license for the game engine. I will have to say despite all of that, don't let these things hinder you from moving towards your goal.

Let's say you got your game face on and you found the right people, tools, and skill sets you need and motivated enough to create something. By the way, you can always work alone - which I think is perfect as a start.

In my experience I will leave you these 5 important things to remember.

1. Be creative. Believe in your own idea. Have time to play as much as possible all games or even just popular ones and wonder why and how they are made. Understand the basics of the gameplay and start from there. The idea is to make something that will satisfy you yourself, as the creator of the game. If you are not enjoying the game you are trying to create don't expect others to enjoy as well. If you need to learn more, research on independent (indie) game developers. I am sure you will get more inspiration.

2. Think on paper. Make sure you write everything you have in mind. Whatever it is, may it be simple or far-fetched. The crazier it is, the better. This will allow you to remember everything, so make sure to write every detail. If you are clear on what you want for your game, you will definitely have it as you execute everything. You may think it's a bit of old school writing on paper but trust me, it helps.

3. Give way to experimentation. A flexible approach to everything will make it worthwhile for you. Work on the most brilliant and stupidest idea. Don't mind what other people say. They may hate it or like it but whatever. If you pull it off, they will still buy it!

(Here is one idea I might regret conceptualizing in terms of design. The code is a bit easy since shooter/puzzle games are quite common thus you can find a lot of tutorials. Embarrassed as I am now, it doesn't really matter. It's actually funny and even the title is quite disgusting. Anyway, you get experience points, if you know what I mean.) Warning: Avoid making games like this.

Don't download, just watch the Video here.


4. Work on technical stuff. I am not good at this but I am trying. You will find it very useful. Data gathering and compilation of the stats will be the blueprint of your business as a game developer.

5. Always take the time to have a break from your own games and play other games as well. Be open to possibilities of studying the complexities of another person's work. Try to remove competition in your mind once in a while. As long as you instill a sense of competition, you will never fully understand what creativity means.

Hope this blog helps you!

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