Low Poly Plants - free

So....on my free time I continued making low poly assets for environment scenes, this time, tried working on some plants.  Simple foliage made from modeling a single strand of the leaf, then used array modifier to duplicate the strand.  The leaf strand is already textured before applying the array modifier. 

Get the blend file in google drive here. You may also download it from Blendswap or Opengameart.


Free Low Poly Planet

Hey all! On my blog post about our first mobile game published in the app stores, I talked about Little World Escape, a game where the character jumps from planet to planet while collecting stars and avoiding aliens. The planets used in the game were created in Blender and rendered as images. 

I decided to share this low poly planet from our game. You can use them in your projects. Get it from Blendswap or google drive in this link.