15 October 2015

Little World Escape

GeekyGnomeGames as I call it, was created 2014. I was inspired to make my own games and I did. Not only that, I was born in an era of gaming. NES, Atari, arcade games and awesome stuff that is much different from what we have now. That urged me to “create.” Aside from getting through some earnings in a game, it was not my priority. I think at this stage I only want to experience creating games alongside with people I trust and share the same endeavor.

We made Little World Escape as our first release for GeekyGnomeGames and I'm proud to say the graphic with this is really good with the planets completely done in Blender 3D and the characters in vector 2D. We also used Unity engine for this game. The game is available in IOS(AppStore) and Android(Google Play). It has a very simple game play. The main character is an astronaut that jumps onto different planets. As you jump from one planet to another you will be collecting stars which you can use to purchase different types of planets in the game. You can also unlock the other character in the game. Sometime in the game you will meet the crazy alien who will do nothing but annoy the crap out of you. However if you run towards it, it will run the opposite way, giving you a little space to time your jump to the next planet. Sounds pretty simple but it’s really hard. The gameplay is pretty much a combination of ideas from some games out there, which honestly is not what I want for all GeekyGnomeGames creations in the future. It's hard to actually think of a “unique” gameplay considering there's a gazillion of mobile games coming out every minute or so. Others will always think, “Hey, it's a ripoff of this, a copy of that blah blah.” But later it's a huge reward if ever I can come up with something cool that even I can't believe I did it.


The first part of the plan is to create a game and research the back end area. I was very lucky to have friends who are game developers. You should also check out some of the games they created. It is found in this link: toothpiggystudio.com.

Rough things aside, I am working few ideas of a new game which is far from what I have started. This would totally rock everyone by surprise. It's very far from the short game we are having now and it will be available on steam as well. Everyone in the indie games world support is much appreciated! Cheers!

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