19 January 2016

Testing Construct 2

Over the holidays I was messing with Construct 2 - a HTML game creator that requires no coding (since I'm no programmer). Got this on sale few months ago but no time to test until recently. There's a ton of tutorials on their site and if you check Youtube you can find a lot as well.

After hours of beginner tutorials and practice, I finally understood how its events system work. Well, at least the basics.

While learning, somehow a gameplay came to mind so I want to try and see if I could actually create it. I'm a fan of those tower defense mechanics and one-tap gameplays. It's pretty simple. Shoot the triangles surrounding the circles, but avoid shooting the circles.  That's it. The challenge is how you time your shot so you shoot only the triangles.  Obviously that wasn't clear so here is the idea.

As you can see it's a prototype of what I had in mind. But, I want this to have minimalistic graphics, so it would suit the simple gameplay feel, and most probably want to port it to mobile so heavy graphics are a definite no. The simple, the better. Will test this on android soon to see if performance is good or not. It's currently up to 3 levels but the more levels you go, of course the more challenging it becomes.  Probably around 50 levels or so.

There you go. Creating prototypes with Construct 2 is pretty fast. No idea what I will call this game yet I just put in "Shoot the Triangles" for the time being, but will update how this project goes on my next posts.

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