18 December 2015

Seamless textures painting in BLENDER is awesome!

I love seamless textures. I use them mostly for 3D texturing and painting or using them as tiled backgrounds. Basically it's an image that can be tiled repeatedly. There's a lot of free seamless textures out there, but most of the time you may want to create your own. This time I used Blender as I use it for creating 3d assets, and it's not as hard as I thought to setup. Here's a sequence of images to show you how to set up quick.

First, fire up Blender, and go to the UV/Image editor.

Click on NEW.

An option will pop up. Just hit OK for a default blank image to paint on.

Click on the "View" dropdown panel then choose "Paint."

Now press "T" and it will bring out the Tools panel on the left as shown.  Select the "Options" tab then check the box that says "Wrap."  Basically it will continue painting to the other side of the image once your brush moves off at the edge of the canvas. This works on all sides (top to bottom, left to right and vice versa).

Finally, press "N" to display the Properties panel on the right side as shown. Check the box that says "Repeat" and you will notice that it will tile the image you're currently painting. 

That's it!  It's a simple setup but you can now start painting. I'm practicing hand painting stuff myself and this makes things easier for me to create seamless textures.

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