25 February 2016

Free Low Poly Tree

So I am starting to practice making low poly models preferably for mobile games, and decided to make a low poly tree as I could probably use it in my assets as well. Trees and foliage are utilized a lot in games. They are essential assets for environments that breathe life into your landscapes. This tree I created in Blender is very simple and did not use any addon or plugin.

The leaves are just subdivided planes that are curved upwards. I used a branch texture downloaded for free here (you need to register to download free stuff) then edited it a little in photoshop.

The trunk is a cylinder with manually extruded branches and the tip merged to make it pointed. Nothing too fancy just enough extrusion and moving of vertices to make it look like a decent tree trunk. Then seams were added (those red lines you see on the trunk) for the UV map as you can see below.  I painted the trunk directly in Blender.

The leaves were added manually on the trunk as well. I just duplicated the planes, adjusted the scale and rotate each to give it a random look.

Here is the final result I got when rendered. You can always edit and give the leaves and the trunk a different color to give it a different mood.

You can download the blend file with textures on Blendswap in this link or google drive here.  Feel free to use this low poly tree in your projects :)

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  1. Thank you ! im making an RPG, please tell me your name to me put as credits. it will be a pleasure as you are helping me


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