16 November 2015

Past works: Freelancing start

So some time ago I worked for clients who's into the mobile game business. Most of them are reskins stuff right by the time flappy bird became a hit. I'm not really a fan of it but it's time for me to learn about the world of freelancing. I remember it was also around the time when game developers just change the theme and appearance of popular games but the gameplay remains the same started to become a trend. My clients wanted to improve the graphics or maybe, you know, just going for a fresh look overall. They have programmers working with me and I'm stuck with the drawing board. These were some illustrations I did in a short span of time. I believe some of these games were pulled out by my previous client lately from Google Play and iTunes. Maybe they aren't working well enough in terms of downloads or revenue? Just my guess, but most likely. 

Here's one of 'em. Your usual action platformer with a viking-ish character as the main player set in a Norse mythology theme. You can collect coins to buy items and unlock other characters as you go along. The characters, environment, and user interface elements were all created using Adobe Illustrator with a little bit of editing in photoshop. I do my sketches in AI as well.

Main menu screen

Grab all the coins!
Ever heard of the popular infinite jumping game Doodle Jump? Had the chance to create graphics for that same gameplay as well. This however with robots as your hero/heroine trying to endlessly jump as high as you can on platforms while avoiding obstacles and getting power ups without falling.

Where are those power-ups when you need one!

Well this one is a reskin from the viking platformer example above. Nothing much, just instead of Norse myth, it's zombie-themed this time. Seriously, you're not a true-blue graphic designer without a zombie investment in your arsenal right? Zombie apocalypse games are so prevalent nowadays they keep popping out of nowhere so why not join the bandwagon at least once. The characters wound up looking a bit too funny but they had a good feel. 


That's all for now! I just wanna put it out there. Personally there are a lot of things to improve on. These were all made within a short time when I was doing freelancer jobs. Hope these would help you with some ideas. More updates soon!

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